Movie track commands

QM_GetTracks Returns information about the tracks of a movie.
QM_AddTrack Adds a new track to a movie.
QM_DeleteTrack Deletes a track.
QM_SetTrackDimensions Sets the track's natural dimensions.
QM_GetTrackDimensions Returns the track's natural dimensions.
QM_SetTrackVolume Sets the track's sound volume.
QM_GetTrackVolume Returns the track's sound volume.
QM_SetTrackName Sets the track's name.
QM_GetTrackName Returns the track's name.
QM_GetTrackDuration Returns the duration of a track.
QM_SetTrackOffset Changes the track's offset.
QM_GetTrackOffset Returns the track's offset.
QM_SetTrackUsage Specifies the track's usage in the movie.
QM_GetTrackUsage Returns the track's usage in the movie.
QM_SetTrackEnabled Enables/disables a track.
QM_GetTrackEnabled Returns the enabled state of a track.
QM_SetTrackLayer Changes the track's layer.
QM_GetTrackLayer Returns the track's layer.
QM_SetTrackMatrix Changes the track's transormation matrix.
QM_GetTrackMatrix Returns the track's transormation matrix.
QM_SetTrackGraphicsMode Changes the track's graphics mode.
QM_GetTrackGraphicsMode Returns the track's graphics mode.
QM_GetTrackCreationTime Returns the creation date and time of a track.
QM_GetTrackModificationTime Returns the modification date and time of a track.

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