Movie editing commands

This group comprises commands for high-level editing of movies. Using these commands you can manipulate movie parts (movie segments) and track parts (track segments), in order to procedurally create new movies or alter existing ones.

There are also other editing commands that let you work at the finest possible level, that is with video and text media. Look for them under the Video Media and Text Media command groups of this manual.

QM_InsertMovieSegment Inserts part of a movie into another.
QM_InsertEmptyMovieSegment Inserts an empty segment into a movie.
QM_DeleteMovieSegment Removes a segment from a movie.
QM_ScaleMovieSegment Changes the duration of a movie segment.
QM_InsertTrackSegment Inserts part of a track into another.
QM_InsertEmptyTrackSegment Inserts an empty segment into a track.
QM_DeleteTrackSegment Removes a segment from a track.
QM_ScaleTrackSegment Changes the duration of a track segment.
QM_CopyMovieSettings Copies settings from a movie to another.
QM_CopyTrackSettings Copies settings from a track to another.

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