QMedia QMedia Constants

Text display flags

qm_txDontDisplay 0x00000001 Don't display the sample.
qm_txDontAutoScale 0x00000002 Don't scale the text if the track display bounds increase or decrease.
qm_txClipToTextBox 0x00000004 Clip track to the text box.
qm_txUseMovieBGColor 0x00000008 Ignore the backColor parameter and use the movie's background color.
qm_txShrinkTextBoxToFit 0x00000010 Shrink the text box to just fit the text.
qm_txScrollIn 0x00000020 Scroll text in until the last of the text is in view.
qm_txScrollOut 0x00000040 Scroll text out until the last of the text is out of view. If flag qm_txScrollIn is also set, the text scrolls in and then out of view.
qm_txHorizScroll 0x00000080 Scroll a line of text horizontally.
qm_txReverseScroll 0x00000100 Reverse scrolling.
qm_txContinuousScroll 0x00000200 New samples cause previous samples to scroll out.
qm_txFlowHoriz 0x00000400 Horizontal scroll text flows in text box rather than extend to right.
qm_txContinuousKaraoke 0x00000800 Ignore hiliteStart and highlight everything up to hiliteEnd.
qm_txDropShadow 0x00001000 Display text with drop shadow.
qm_txAntiAlias 0x00002000 Display anti aliased text.
qm_txKeyedText 0x00004000 Ignore backColor and draw masked text.
qm_txInverseHilite 0x00008000 Use inverse highlighting.
qm_txTextColorHilite 0x00010000 Change text color instead of highlighting.

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