QMedia QMedia Constants

Search flags

qm_SearchEdgeOK 0x00000001 It is OK to find text at the specified sample time
qm_SearchCaseSensitive 0x00000002 Search is case sensitive
qm_SearchReverseSearch 0x00000004 Search from the specified sample time backwards
qm_SearchWrapAround 0x00000008 Wrap around when reaching the beginning or end of movie
qm_SearchUseOffset 0x00000010 Begin search at the specified offset into the text sample rather than the edge
qm_SearchDontGoToFoundTime 0x00010000 Don't go to the found time
qm_SearchDontHiliteFoundText 0x00020000 Don't highlight the found text
qm_SearchOneTrackOnly 0x00040000 Search only the specified track
qm_SearchEnabledTracksOnly 0x00080000 Search only the enabled tracks

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