QMedia QMedia Constants

Event masks

qm_ClickEventMask 0x00000002 Mousedown events in the movie controller.
qm_KeyEventMask 0x00000004 Keydown events in the movie controller.
qm_PlayEventMask 0x00000008 Play or Stop events.
qm_GoToTimeEventMask 0x00000010 Movie time changes.
qm_SetVolumeEventMask 0x00000020 Sound volume changes.
qm_StepEventMask 0x00000040 Stepping through the movie.
qm_BadgeClickEventMask 0x00000080 Clicks on the controller badge.
qm_MovieClickEventMask 0x00000100 Clicks on the movie.
qm_CustomButtonClickEventMask 0x00000200 Clicks on the custom button.
qm_SetSelectionBeginEventMask 0x00000400 Changes of the movie selection start time.
qm_SetSelectionDurationEventMas 0x00000800 Changes of the movie selection duration.
qm_URLLinkEventMask 0x00001000 Clicks on URL links.
qm_ResizeEventMask 0x00004000 Dynamic changes of the movie dimensions.
qm_NodeEnterEventMask 0x00010000 User entries to VR nodes.
qm_NodeLeaveEventMask 0x00020000 User exits from VR nodes.
qm_HotSpotEnterEventMask 0x00040000 Mouse moves over hotspot areas in VR movies.
qm_HotSpotLeaveEventMask 0x00080000 Mouse moves out of hotspot areas in VR movies.
qm_HotSpotClickEventMask 0x00100000 Clicks on hotspot areas in VR movies.
qm_SetPanAngleEventMask 0x00200000 Changes of the pan angle.
qm_SetTiltAngleEventMask 0x00400000 Changes of the tilt angle.
qm_SetFieldOfViewEventMask 0x00800000 Changes of the field of view angle.
qm_SetViewCenterEventMask 0x01000000 Changes of the view center.
qm_NoEventsMask 0x00000000 No events.
qm_AllEventsMask 0xFFFFFFFF All events.

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