QMedia Movie audio metering


QM_StartVolumeMeteringSession(sessionRef; movieRef; whatMix):error
sessionRef Longint Volume metering session reference
movieRef Longint Movie reference
whatMix String4 Audio mix identifier
error Longint Error result

Starts a volume metering session for a movie.

Parameter sessionRef receives a reference number that identifies the volume metering session. Use this reference number to retrieve volume levels with QM_GetVolumeLevels, and to end the volume metering session with QM_EndVolumeMeteringSession when you are done.

Parameter movieRef specifies the movie from which you want to receive volume levels.

Parameter whatMix specifies the audio 'mix' to be used in the volume metering session. As of QuickTime 7, the only mix supported for volume metering is the current audio device mix, which is identified by the qm_AudioDeviceMix constant.

Related commands

QM_GetVolumeLevels Retrieves the current volume levels.
QM_EndVolumeMeteringSession Ends a volume metering session.

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