QMedia Movie area event commands


QM_SetEventHandler(areaRef; eventHandler; eventMask):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
eventHandler String31 Event handler method
eventMask Longint Event mask
error Longint Error result

Specifies the event handler method of a movie plug-in area, and the events that will intercepted.

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef.

Parameter eventHandler is the name of the method that will handle events.

Parameter eventMask specifies the kinds of events that will be intercepted by the event handler method. The eventMask parameter can be constructed by combining (with addition or bitwise "or") any of the following constants:

qm_ClickEventMask 0x00000002 Mousedown events in the movie controller.
qm_KeyEventMask 0x00000004 Keydown events in the movie controller.
qm_PlayEventMask 0x00000008 Play or Stop events.
qm_GoToTimeEventMask 0x00000010 Movie time changes.
qm_SetVolumeEventMask 0x00000020 Sound volume changes.
qm_StepEventMask 0x00000040 Stepping through the movie.
qm_BadgeClickEventMask 0x00000080 Clicks on the controller badge.
qm_MovieClickEventMask 0x00000100 Clicks on the movie.
qm_CustomButtonClickEventMask 0x00000200 Clicks on the custom button.
qm_SetSelectionBeginEventMask 0x00000400 Changes of the movie selection start time.
qm_SetSelectionDurationEventMas 0x00000800 Changes of the movie selection duration.
qm_URLLinkEventMask 0x00001000 Clicks on URL links.
qm_ResizeEventMask 0x00004000 Dynamic changes of the movie dimensions.
qm_NodeEnterEventMask 0x00010000 User entries to VR nodes.
qm_NodeLeaveEventMask 0x00020000 User exits from VR nodes.
qm_HotSpotEnterEventMask 0x00040000 Mouse moves over hotspot areas in VR movies.
qm_HotSpotLeaveEventMask 0x00080000 Mouse moves out of hotspot areas in VR movies.
qm_HotSpotClickEventMask 0x00100000 Clicks on hotspot areas in VR movies.
qm_SetPanAngleEventMask 0x00200000 Changes of the pan angle.
qm_SetTiltAngleEventMask 0x00400000 Changes of the tilt angle.
qm_SetFieldOfViewEventMask 0x00800000 Changes of the field of view angle.
qm_SetViewCenterEventMask 0x01000000 Changes of the view center.
qm_NoEventsMask 0x00000000 No events.
qm_AllEventsMask 0xFFFFFFFF All events.

Related commands

QM_GetEventHandler Returns the event handler of a movie plug-in area.

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