QMedia Text media commands


QM_SearchText(movieRef; searchText; searchFlags; sampleTime; textOffset; trackID):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
searchText String255 Search string
searchFlags Longint Search flags
sampleTime Longint Text sample time
textOffset Longint Text offset
trackID Longint Text track ID
error Longint Error result

Searches the text tracks of a movie.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile.

The text to search for is specified by the searchText parameter.

Parameter searchFlags is a set of flags controlling various search options. The searchFlags parameter can be constructed by combining (with addition or bitwise "or") any of the following constants.

qm_SearchEdgeOK 0x00000001 It is OK to find text at the specified sample time
qm_SearchCaseSensitive 0x00000002 Search is case sensitive
qm_SearchReverseSearch 0x00000004 Search from the specified sample time backwards
qm_SearchWrapAround 0x00000008 Wrap around when reaching the beginning or end of movie
qm_SearchUseOffset 0x00000010 Begin search at the specified offset into the text sample rather than the edge
qm_SearchDontGoToFoundTime 0x00010000 Don't go to the found time
qm_SearchDontHiliteFoundText 0x00020000 Don't highlight the found text
qm_SearchOneTrackOnly 0x00040000 Search only the specified track
qm_SearchEnabledTracksOnly 0x00080000 Search only the enabled tracks

Parameter sampleTime specifies the point in the movie where the search will begin. If the search completes successfully, sampleTime receives the time of the found text sample, otherwise it is set to -1.

Parameter textOffset is the offset in the text sample specified by sampleTime where the search will begin. If qm_searchUseOffset is not specified in searchFlags, textOffset is ignored. If the search completes successfully, textOffset receives the offset of the found text in the found text sample.

Parameter trackID is the ID of the text track to search. If qm_searchOneTrackOnly is not specified in searchFlags, trackID is ignored. If the search completes successfully, trackID receives the ID of the track where the text was found.


$err:=QM_GetCurrentTime ($movie;$currTime)
$flags:=qm_SearchEdgeOK | qm_searchCaseSensitive
$err:=QM_SearchText ($movie;"search text";$flags;$currTime)

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