QMedia Movie playback commands


QM_Play(areaRef; movieRate):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
movieRate Real Playback rate
error Longint Error result

Instructs the movie controller in a movie plug-in area to play the movie currently assigned to the area.

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef.

Parameter movieRate specifies the playback rate. It is a real number in the -5.0 ... +5.0 range. Positive rates mean forward playback and negative rates mean reverse playback. Use a rate of 1.0 for forward playback at normal speed. A rate of 0.0 stops the movie (this can also be done by calling the QM_Stop command).


  `Play the movie in plug-in area xMovieArea at double playback rate
$error:=QM_Play (xMovieArea;2)

Related commands

QM_Stop Stops playing the movie.
QM_GetRate Returns the movie's current playback rate.

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