QMedia VR movie commands


QM_Nudge(movieRef; direction):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
direction Longint Nudge direction
error Longint Error result

Turns the current view of a VR movie one step at the specified direction.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile or QM_NewMovieFromURL. The movie must be currently assigned to a movie plug-in area.

Parameter nudgeDirection specifies the direction of the nudge.

QMedia defines the following constants for specifying nudge directions:

qm_VRNudgeRight 0 Nudge right
qm_VRNudgeUpRight 45 Nudge up-right
qm_VRNudgeUp 90 Nudge up
qm_VRNudgeUpLeft 135 Nudge up-left
qm_VRNudgeLeft 180 Nudge left
qm_VRNudgeDownLeft 225 Nudge down-left
qm_VRNudgeDown 270 Nudge down
qm_VRNudgeDownRight 315 Nudge down right

Note: QM_Nudge only accepts one of the directions listed above. It will not react to any other value.


  `Nudge VR movie $movie to up-right
$err:=QM_Nudge ($movie;qm_VRNudgeUpRight)

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