QMedia Movie audio metering


QM_GetVolumeLevels(sessionRef; averageLevels; peakLevels):error
sessionRef Longint Volume metering session reference
averageLevels Array real Average volume levels
peakLevels Array real Peak volume levels
error Longint Error result

Retrieves the current volume levels.

Parameter sessionRef specifies the metering session. It must be a valid volume metering session reference number, otherwise error qm_ParamErr is returned.

Parameter averageLevels is an array of reals that receives the average power levels.

Parameter peakLevels is optional. If specified, it must be an array of reals that will receive the peak hold levels.

Both averageLevels and peakLevels (if specified) are resized to the number of channels of the mix specified in QM_StartVolumeMeteringSession. Each element of averageLevels and peakLevels will contain the volume level of the corresponding channel.

The volume levels are measured in decibels, where 0.0 means full volume, -6.0 means half volume, -12.0 means quarter volume, and -inf means silence.

Related commands

QM_StartVolumeMeteringSession Starts a volume metering session for a movie.
QM_EndVolumeMeteringSession Ends a volume metering session.

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