QMedia VR movie commands


QM_GetURLHotSpotTarget(movieRef; nodeID; hotSpotID; targetURL):err
movieRef Longint Movie reference
nodeID Longint Node ID
hotSpotID Longint Hot spot ID
targetURL Text Target URL
error Longint Error result

Returns the target URL of a URL hot spot in a VR movie node.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile or QM_NewMovieFromURL. The movie must be currently assigned to a movie plug-in area.

Parameter nodeID specifies the node in the movie.

Parameter hotSpotID specifies the hotSpot in the VR movie node.

Parameter targetURL receives the URL that the hot spot links to. If the hot spot does not link to a URL, targetURL is set to an empty string.


  `Get the target URL of hotspot ID $hotSpotID of node ID $nodeID of VR movie $movie
$err:=QM_GetURLHotSpotTarget ($movie;$nodeID;$hotSpotID;$targetURL)

Related commands

QM_GetHotSpotInfo Returns hot spot information.
QM_GetLinkHotSpotTarget Returns the target node ID a link hot spot.

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