QMedia Text media commands


QM_GetTextMediaColors(movieRef; trackID; textColor; backColor; hiliteColor):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
trackID Longint Track ID
textColor Longint Text RGB color
backColor Longint Background RGB color
hiliteColor Longint Highlight RGB color
error Longint Error result

Returns the RGB colors currently used when adding samples to a text track.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile.

Parameter trackID is the ID of the track.

Parameters textColor and backColor receive the text and background RGB colors respectively.

Parameter hiliteColor receives the color used for highlighting text.

All color parameters are expressed as longints, using 4Dv6's RGB color notation format (0x00RRGGBB - see the SET RGB COLOR 4D command). 4D's RGB color constants can also be returned.

The hiliteColor parameter may also receive the -254 value (qm_SystemHiliteColor constant), which is equivalent to the system's current highlight color.

QMedia sets the default text media colors to the following values:

Text color:0x00000000 (Black)
Background color:0x00FFFFFF (White)
Highlight color:-254 (System highlight color)


  `Get text media colors of track ID $trackID
$err:=QM_GetTextMediaColors ($movie;$trackID;$txColor;$bgColor;$hlColor)

Related commands

QM_SetTextMediaColors Changes the colors of new text samples.

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