QMedia System info commands


QM_GetMovieExporterInfo(exporterID; exporterType; exporterName; exporterDesc; fileExtension; mediaType):error
exporterID Longint Movie exporter ID
exporterType String4 Movie exporter type
exporterName String255 Movie exporter name
exporterDesc String255 Movie exporter description
fileExtension String255 File extension
mediaType String255 Media type
error Longint Error result

Returns information about a movie exporter.

Parameter exporterID is the movie exporter ID. To get a list of the IDs of all available movie exporters, use the QM_GetMovieExporters command.

Parameter exporterType receives the four character exporter type.

Parameters exporterName and exporterDesc receive the exporter's name and description respectively.

Parameter fileExtension receives the file extension of the media files exported by the exporter.

Parameter mediaType receives the type of the media handled by the exporter. If mediaType is empty, the exporter does not require a particular media type and it can operate on any movie.

Related commands

QM_GetMovieExporters Returns the IDs of all available movie exporters.

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