QMedia Movie area commands


QM_GetDragEnabled(areaRef; dragEnabled):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
dragEnabled Longint Dragging flag
error Longint Error result

Returns information about how the movie controller in a movie plug-in area responds to dragging.

If dragging is enabled, the user can drag a movie from the plug-in area to the desktop in order to create a movie clipping file. This feature is available on MacOS only.

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef.

Parameter dragEnabled receives information about how the arearesponds to dragging. If dragging is currently enabled, dragEnabled is set to 1, otherwise dragEnabled is set to 0.


  `Get the drag to desktop handling status of plug-in area xMovieArea
$error:=QM_GetDragEnabled (xMovieArea;$enabled)

Related commands

QM_SetDragEnabled Enables/disables drag n' drop to the Macintosh desktop.

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