QMedia Movie area commands


QM_GetControllerType(areaRef; controllerType):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
controllerType String4 Controller type
error Longint Error result

Returns the type of the movie controller in a movie plug-in area.

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef.

Parameter controllerType receives the controller's four character type code.

QMedia defines the following constants for identifying movie controller types.

qm_StdController " std" Standard movie controller
qm_QTVRController "qtvr" VR movie controller
qm_QTVR1PanoController "STpn" QTVR 1.0 panorama movie controller
qm_QTVR1ObjController "stna" QTVR 1.0 object movie controller
qm_NoneController "none" Interface-less movie controller


  `Get the type of the controller in area xMovieArea
$error:=QM_GetControllerType (xMovieArea;$controllerType)

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