QMedia Movie audio metering


QM_GetAudioSampleInfo(movieRef; soundTrackID; sampleRate; numChannels; bitsPerChannel):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
soundTrackID Longint Audio track ID
sampleRate Real Sample rate
numChannels Longint Number of channels
bitsPerChannel Longint Bits per channel
error Longint Error result

Returns information about the samples in a sound track.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile or QM_NewMovieFromURL.

Parameter soundTrackID is the ID of the sound track.

Parameters sampleRate, numChannels, and bitsPerChannel receive the sample rate, channel count, and sample size respectively.

Related commands

QM_GetAudioChannelLayout Returns the layout of the channels in a sound track.

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