QMedia Movie audio metering


QM_GetAudioChannelLayout(movieRef; soundTrackID; channelLabels):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
soundTrackID Longint Audio track ID
channelLabels Array longint Channel labels
error Longint Error result

Returns the layout of the channels in a sound track.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile or QM_NewMovieFromURL.

Parameter soundTrackID is the ID of the sound track.

Parameter channelLabels receives the label identifiers describing the layout of the channels in the sound track.

The following label identifiers are available as constants:

qm_AudioChannelUnknown -1 Unknown channel
qm_AudioChannelUnused 0 Unused channel
qm_AudioChannelMono 42 Mono channel
qm_AudioChannelLeft 1 Left channel
qm_AudioChannelRight 2 Right channel
qm_AudioChannelCenter 3 Center channel
qm_AudioChannelLFEScreen 4 LFE screen channel
qm_AudioChannelLeftSurround 5 Left surround channel
qm_AudioChannelRightSurround 6 Right surround channel
qm_AudioChannelLeftCenter 7 Left/center channel
qm_AudioChannelRightCenter 8 Right/center channel
qm_AudioChannelCenterSurround 9 Center surround channel
qm_AudioChannelRearSrndLeft 33 Rear/left surround channel
qm_AudioChannelRearSrndRight 34 Rear/right surround channel
qm_AudioChannelLeftTotal 38 Left total channel
qm_AudioChannelRightTotal 39 Right total channel
qm_AudioChannelLeftSrndDrkt 10 Left surround direct channel
qm_AudioChannelRightSrndDrkt 11 Right surround direct channel
qm_AudioChannelTopCenterSrnd 12 Top center surround channel
qm_AudioChannelVertHeightLeft 13 Vertical height left channel
qm_AudioChannelVertHeightRght 15 Vertical height right channel
qm_AudioChannelVertHeightCntr 14 Vertical height center channel
qm_AudioChannelTopBackLeft 16 Top back left channel
qm_AudioChannelTopBackCenter 17 Top back center channel
qm_AudioChannelTopBackRight 18 Top back right channel
qm_AudioChannelAmbisonic_W 200 Ambisonic channel W
qm_AudioChannelAmbisonic_X 201 Ambisonic channel X
qm_AudioChannelAmbisonic_Y 202 Ambisonic channel Y
qm_AudioChannelAmbisonic_Z 203 Ambisonic channel Z
qm_AudioChannelMS_Mid 204 Mid/Side recording middle channel
qm_AudioChannelMS_Side 205 Mid/Side recording side channel
qm_AudioChannelXY_X 206 X-Y recording X channel
qm_AudioChannelXY_Y 207 X-Y recording Y channel
qm_AudioChannelHeadphLeft 301 Left headphones channel
qm_AudioChannelHeadphRight 302 Right headphones channel
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete0 0x00010000 Discete channel 0
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete1 0x00010001 Discete channel 1
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete2 0x00010002 Discete channel 2
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete3 0x00010003 Discete channel 3
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete4 0x00010004 Discete channel 4
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete5 0x00010005 Discete channel 5
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete6 0x00010006 Discete channel 6
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete7 0x00010007 Discete channel 7
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete8 0x00010008 Discete channel 8
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete9 0x00010009 Discete channel 9
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete10 0x0001000A Discete channel 10
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete11 0x0001000B Discete channel 11
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete12 0x0001000C Discete channel 12
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete13 0x0001000D Discete channel 13
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete14 0x0001000E Discete channel 14
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete15 0x0001000F Discete channel 15
qm_AudioChannelDiscrete65535 0x0001FFFF Discete channel 65535

Related commands

QM_GetAudioSampleInfo Returns information about the samples in a sound track.

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