QMedia Movie properties commands


QM_GetActiveSegment(movieRef; activeSegStart; activeSegDuration):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
activeSegStart Longint Active segment start
activeSegDuration Longint Active segment duration
error Longint Error result

Returns the active segment of a movie.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile or QM_NewMovieFromURL.

Parameter activeSegStart receives the starting point of the movie's active segment.

Parameter activeSegDuration receives the duration of the movie's active segment.

Both activeSegStart and activeSegDuration are expressed in the movie's time scale.

If the entire movie is active, activeSegStart is set to -1 and activeSegDuration is set to 0.


  `Get the active segment of movie $movieRef
$error:=QM_GetActiveSegment ($movieRef;$activeStart;$activeDuration)

Related commands

QM_SetActiveSegment Changes the active segment of a movie.

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