QMedia Movie data exchange commands


QM_ExportMovieToFile(movieRef; trackID; destFile; exportFlags; exporterID; exportSettings):error
movieRef Longint Source movie reference
trackID Longint Source track ID
destFile Text Destination file path
exportFlags Longint Conversion flags
exporterID Longint Export component ID
exportSettings BLOB Export settings
error Longint Error result

Exports data from a movie to a media file.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile.

Parameter trackID is the ID of the track to be exported. To specify the whole movie (all tracks) as the data source, set trackID to 0.

Parameter destFile is the full pathname to the output media file. The specified file may not already exist, but its containing folder path must be valid. If destFile points to an existing file, the later is replaced by the new media file.

If destFile is empty, QMedia presents the standard file saving dialog where the user can select the location and type the name of the new file. If the user cancels the dialog, error qm_userCancelErr is returned, otherwise parameter destFile receives the full pathname of the new file.

Parameter exportFlags is a set of flags that specify options for the conversion operation. Currently, the only acceptable value is the qm_ShowSettingsDialog constant (1). If exportFlags is set to qm_ShowSettingsDialog (1) and the movie exporter that handles the conversion supports a settings dialog, the settings dialog is displayed during the conversion operation.

Parameter exporterID must be set to the ID of the movie exporter to handle the conversion operation. The specified exporter must be able to handle the media data contained in the source movie or track. To get information about the available movie exporters, use the QM_GetMovieExporters and QM_GetMovieExporterInfo commands.

The exportSettings parameter can be used to specify exporter-specific settings for the export operation, and to receive settings after a successful movie export. Not all movie exporters support settings. If the specified exporter does not support settings, this parameter is ignored. If an empty BLOB is passed, exporter-specific default settings are used.


The BLOB parameter must contain export settings that have previously been obtained using QM_ExportMovieToFile. The structure of this BLOB is private to QuickTime and cannot be constructed or altered with 4D BLOB commands.

Related commands

QM_GetMovieExporters Returns the IDs of all available movie exporters.
QM_GetMovieExporterInfo Returns information about a movie exporter.

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