QMedia Movie data exchange commands


QM_ConvertFileToMovieFile(inputFile; movieFile; cvtFlags; importerID):error
inputFile Text Source file path
movieFile Text Movie file path
cvtFlags Longint Conversion flags
importerID Longint Movie importer ID
error Longint Error result

Converts a media file to a movie file.

Parameter inputFile is the full pathname to the input media file.

Parameter movieFile is the full pathname to the movie file to be created. The specified file may not already exist, but its containing folder path must be valid. If movieFile points to an existing file, the later is replaced by the new movie file.

If movieFile is empty, QMedia presents the standard file saving dialog where the user can select the location and type the name of the new movie file. If the user cancels the dialog, error qm_userCancelErr is returned, otherwise parameter movieFile receives the full pathname of the new movie file.

Parameter cvtFlags is an optional set of flags that specify options for the conversion operation. Currently, the only acceptable value is the qm_ShowSettingsDialog constant (1). If cvtFlags is set to qm_ShowSettingsDialog (1) and the movie importer that handles the specific conversion supports a settings dialog, the settings dialog is displayed during the conversion operation.

Parameter compID is optional. It can be set to the ID of a specific movie importer to handle the conversion operation. If compID is ommited or set to 0, QuickTime finds the proper movie importer.

To get information about the available movie importers, use the QM_GetMovieImporters and QM_GetMovieImporterInfo commands.

Related commands

QM_TestMovieFile Tests if a file contains valid movie data.
QM_GetMovieImporters Returns the IDs of all available movie importers.
QM_GetMovieImporterInfo Returns information about a movie importer.
QM_ExportMovieToFile Exports data from a movie to a media file.

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