QG_SetEventHandler(areaRef; methodName; eventMask):errorCode
areaRef Longint QGrid area reference
methodName Text Callback method name
eventMask Longint Supported events
error Longint Error result

Install an event handler method for a QGrid area

This method installs an event handler and specifies the event types that the area will intercept.

Parameter areaRef is the QGrid area reference. If areaRef is not a valid QGrid area reference, qg_paramErr error is returned.

Parameter methodName is the name of the method that will handle user events. Passing an empty string in methodName for a QGrid area will remove any previously installed event handler. Parameter eventMask is not used in this case and can be omitted.

Parameter eventMask specifies the types of events that will be intercepted by the event handler. The eventMask parameter is constructed by combining (with addition or bitwise "or") any of the following constants:

qg_TrapClickEvent 0x00000010 Intercept click events
qg_TrapDoubleClickEvent 0x00002000 Intercept double click events

Structure of the Event Handler Method

The event handler typically contains a case statement where each event type is individually handled. The event handler must comply with the following calling interface:

EventHandlerMethod (eventArea(L); eventType(L); eventData(L)): resultCode(L)
$1 – eventAreaLongintReference to the QGrid area
$2 – eventTypeLongintEvent type
$3 – eventDataLongintEvent data
$0 – resultCodeLongintResult code, currently set to zero (0)

QGrid defines the following constants for eventType:

qg_ClickEvent 4 User clicked on a cell (same as 4D's On Clicked event).
qg_DoubleClickEvent 13 User double clicked on a cell (same as 4D's On Double Clicked event).


   // Set project method DB_GRID_CALLBACK as the event handler method for area xGrid.


   // Set mask to intercept all types of events
$evtMask:=qg_TrapClickEvent | qg_TrapDoubleClickEvent

$err:=QG_SetEventHandler (xGrid;"DB_GRID_CALLBACK";$evtMask)
   // Project method DB_GRID_CALLBACK
   // Simple QGrid event handler callback routine.

C_LONGINT($1)// area ref
C_LONGINT($2)// event Type
C_LONGINT($3)// event Data
C_LONGINT($0)// result

Case of 
   : ($2=qg_ClickEvent)
      ALERT("Single click on cell "+String($3))// Param $3 holds the clicked cell index
   : ($2=qg_DoubleClickEvent)
      ALERT("Double click on cell "+String($3))// Param $3 holds the double-clicked cell index
End case