QG_SetDragOptions(areaRef; dragOptions; caretWidth; caretColor; caretTime):errorCode
areaRef Longint QGrid area reference
dragOptions Longint Drag and drop option flags
caretWidth Longint Drop caret width
caretColor Longint Drop caret color
caretTime Longint Drop caret blinking interval
error Longint Error result

Configure drag+drop feedback options for a QGrid area

Parameter areaRef is the QGrid area reference. If areaRef is not a valid QGrid area reference, qg_paramErr error is returned.

Parameter dragOptions is constructed by combining (with addition or bitwise "or") any of the following constants:

qg_UseBlinkingCaret 0x00000002 Use blinking caret
qg_UseDecoratedCaret 0x00000004 Caret has decorated ends

If dragOptions is set to 0, a plain, non-blinking dragging caret is used.

Parameter caretWidth specifies the width of the insertion caret in pixels.

Parameter caretColor specifies the color of the insertion caret using 4D's RGB color notation (0x00RRGGBB - see OBJECT SET RGB COLORS in 4D's documentation). It can also take the predefined value qg_SysHiliteColor, forcing the caret color to be the system highlight color.

Parameter caretTime specifies how fast the insertion caret will blink. The blinking interval is specified in ticks ( 60 ticks = 1 sec).

The following default drag options apply when this command is not called:

Drag options:qg_UseBlinkingCaret | qg_UseDecoratedCaret
Caret width:2
Caret color:qg_SysHiliteColor
Caret blinking interval:30 ticks


   // Set the drag caret to 2 pixels thick, blue, decorated, fast blinking.


$options:=qg_UseBlinkingCaret | qg_UseDecoratedCaret


$err:=QG_SetDragOptions (xGrid;$options;$caretThickness;$caretColor;$caretTime)

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QG_GetDragOptions Get the drag+drop feedback options for a QGrid area