QG_GetCellCaption(areaRef; captionXpression; rectLeft; rectTop; rectRight; rectBottom; displayFormat):errorCode
areaRef Longint QGrid area reference
captionXpression Text The caption expression
rectLeft Longint Left coordinate
rectTop Longint Top coordinate
rectRight Longint Right coordinate
rectBottom Longint Bottom coordinate
displayFormat Text Caption format description
error Longint Error result

Get the current caption object properties

Parameter areaRef is the QGrid area reference. If areaRef is not a valid QGrid area reference, qg_paramErr error is returned.

Parameter captionXpression receives the text expression used to get the caption object.

Parameters rectLeft, rectTop, rectRight and rectBottom receive the caption box coordinates in the cell's coordinate system.

Parameter displayFormat receives the caption text display format.

Related commands

QG_SetCellCaption Set the caption object for area cells
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