QG_GetAreaAlignment(areaRef; horzAlign; vertAlign):errorCode
areaRef Longint QGrid area reference
horzAlign Longint Horizontal alignment
vertAlign Longint Vertical alignment
error Longint Error result

Get the current cell alignment in a QGrid area

Parameter areaRef is the QGrid area reference. If areaRef is not a valid QGrid area reference, qg_paramErr error is returned.

Parameters horzAlign and vertAlign receive the horizontal and vertical cell alignment settings. Possible values are:

qg_AlignHorzLeft 0 Horizontally align to the left
qg_AlignHorzCenter 1 Horizontally align to the center
qg_AlignHorzRight 2 Horizontally align to the right
qg_AlignVertTop 0 Vertically align to the top
qg_AlignVertCenter 1 Vertically align to the center
qg_AlignVertBottom 2 Vertically align to the bottom

Related commands

QG_SetAreaAlignment Set the cell alignment inside a QGrid area