QGObs_GetCaptionStyle(areaRef; fontName; fontSize; textFace; textJust; foreColor; backColor):errorCode
areaRef Longint QGrid area reference
fontName Text Font name
fontSize Longint Font size
textFace Longint Text style
textJust Longint Text justification
foreColor Longint Text foregroung color
backColor Longint Text backgroung color
error Longint Error result

Returns the current caption text appearance settings


Use QG_GetCaptionFont, QG_GetCaptionColors, and QG_GetCaptionAlignment to get the caption style.

NOTE Still works for backwards compatibility, but will be removed in the future.

Related commands

QG_GetCaptionFont Get the caption font
QG_GetCaptionColors Get the caption colors
QG_GetCaptionAlignment Get the caption text alignment