QD_SetFeedbackOptions(areaRef; areaRef; areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint Area reference
frameColor Longint Frame hilite color
frameInset Longint Frame inset
frameWidth Longint Frame width
error Longint Error result

Configure the dragging feedback options for a QDrop area

Parameter areaRef is the reference to the plug-in area.

Parameter frameColor is the RGB color of the feedback frame. The frame color is specified in 4D's 0x00RRGGBB format. QDrop additionally defines the following constant:

qd_SystemHiliteColor -254 System hilite color

Parameter frameInset is the inset of the feedback frame relative to the area frame, in pixels.

Parameter frameWidth is the width of the feedback frame, in pixels. Default values are:


   // Set feedback frame to 50% red, 3 pixels wide, inset by 0 pixels


$error:=QD_SetFeedbackOptions (xDrop;0x007F0000;0;3)

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QD_GetFeedbackOptions Get the dragging feedback options of a QDrop area