QD_SetDroppableFileExtensions(areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint Area reference
fileExtensions Array text Droppable file name extensions
error Longint Error result

Configure a QDrop area to accept specific file extensions

Parameter areaRef is the reference to the plug-in area.

Parameter fileExtensions is a text array that specifies file extensions that the area will accept. File extensions should be specified without the period (.) separator.

In addition to standard file extensions such as "txt" and "jpg", a set of magic file types that provide extra matching criteria can also be used.

qd_anyFileMagic "any*" Accept any file
qd_folderMagic "dir*" Accept folders
qd_QTImageMagic "qti*" Accept image files supported by QuickTime
qd_QTMovieMagic "qtm*" Accept movie files supported by QuickTime

WARNING QT magic types will not work on Windows, unless QuickTime is installed on the machine.


   // Accept text files, QuickTime images, and folders

ARRAY TEXT($fileExtensions;3)



Related commands

QD_GetDroppableFileExtensions Get the file extensions accepted by a QDrop area