QDObs_GetDroppableFileTypes(areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint Area reference
fileTypes Array text Droppable file types
error Longint Error result

Get the file types accepted by a QDrop area

Parameter areaRef is the reference to the plug-in area.

Parameter fileTypes is a text array specifying the file types accepted by the area. In addition to standard MacOS file types like "TEXT" and "PICT", QDrop uses a set of magic file types that provide extra matching criteria.
qd_anyFileMagic "any*" Accept any file
qd_folderMagic "dir*" Accept folders
qd_QTImageMagic "qti*" Accept image files supported by QuickTime
qd_QTMovieMagic "qtm*" Accept movie files supported by QuickTime

Related commands

QDObs_SetDroppableFileTypes Configure a QDrop area to accept specific file types