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What's new?

28 Aug 15 QPix 3.7b7, QGrid 1.7b7, QDrop 1.7b6, QMedical 1.7b4 released.
28 July 15 QMedia 1.7b5 released for public testing.
26 July 15 QPix 3.7b5, QGrid 1.7b5, QDrop 1.7b4, QMedical 1.7b2 released for public testing.
21 July 15 EMV 4.4.1 for Macintosh released.
20 Jan 15 Price drops on EMV products, Mac and Windows.
10 Oct 14 EMV 4 for Windows released.
27 May 14 VAT Pro iOS app released (Greek only)

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